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I create art. I teach. I curate. I empower.

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Crystal Curation

I curate crystals based on their energy, intention & the beauty they harbor for their ultimate keeper– YOU. I source my crystals from sustainable miners & “rehome” them through Nomadic Crystals.

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I’ve created four core modules to help you live a more unconventional and simple life. Clarity on Desire, Identifying Your Dharmic Purpose, Creating a Simple+Soulful Brand & Building Your Digital Framework!

Coffee Bean


I’m an award-winning documentary photographer who worked professionally for 20+ years. I want my life’s work to be shared by many, so I’ve made my archive accessible through affordable digital downloads on Etsy.

curated Crystals

My crystals are curated for a purpose. Abundance, peace, spiritual connection, protection– each stone has a healing property & each soul has a special need. I connect the Stone & the Soul so we can all invite some juicy, divine energy into our world.

Documentary Art

I’ve spent 20+ years documenting the world with my camera. After decades of professional work, I’ve returned to my documentary roots. Some of my favorite images are available for sale in my Etsy shop.


Embracing your dharmic purpose in our modern society is an act of beautiful rebellion. Revolutions start with these small acts of rebellion by courageous souls who seek to create a better reality.

My frameworks and expertise are here to empower you to gain clarity on your desires, identify potential dharmic paths and implement simple+soulful branding, marketing and technology use.


Live Simple Lab

Come join the Live Simple Lab — a community of seekers looking to create a simpler life. We explore a multitude of passions– soulful business, reiki, yoga, minimalism, tiny/intentional living, organic living and more! Please join us and help us grow this emerging community! 

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My world

The desert is calling & I must go! I spend a fair amount of time wandering the deserts & mountains searching for crystals, stories & peace. When not rockhounding, I’m at festivals finding new homes for crystals, creating stories or sitting by the ocean.

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