I help empower people in two main areas-- Intentional Living and Simple+Soulful Business. I've taken 20+ years of art, communications consulting, production & branding work and placed my expertise into coaching frameworks to help people pursue their dharmic purpose.

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4 Coaching Modules

  • Clarity on Desire
  • Your Dharmic Purpose
  • Simple+Soulful Brand
  • Your Digital Framework

Desire Map & Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator

Certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach + Branding With Archetypes



Embracing your dharmic purpose in our modern society is an act of beautiful rebellion. Revolutions start with these small acts of rebellion by courageous souls who seek to create a better reality.

You’re here because you feel a rebellion rising within. You are here to take a stand for dharma and unapologetically welcome a plethora of abundance into your life by embracing purpose-driven work.

Together, We Rebel Against:

  • Mindless consumption
  • Meaningless, soul-sucking work
  • Patriarchal capitalism
  • Scarcity of resources and the “not enough for everyone” mentality
  • Adhering to the cookie-cutter narrative of adulting: 9-5 office work, 2.5 kids and the white picket fence.

Our Revolution is a Stand For:

  • Embracing abundant living– and creating our own definition of abundance.
  • Using wealth as a tool to serve others
  • Empowering community with their abundance
  • Showing others that an unconventional narrative is possible.
  • Elevating the conversation
  • Conscious capitalism and “there’s enough for everyone” mentalities.
  • Together, we’ll stand for our authentic truth and design lifestyles to support our chosen reality.

I’ve created 4 basic modules that I focus on with my coaching clients

  • Clarity on Desire
  • Identifying Your Dharmic Purpose
  • Creating a Simple+Soulful Brand
  • Building Your Digital Framework

Depending on your starting point, each module takes about 1-2 months to complete using a 2x a month 60 minute coaching approach. I also offer a VIP Day approach which allows us to do deep dives on the learning. This is particularly useful for the Framework section where we’re hands-on building your platforms together.

Our Starting Point:

After you’ve identified that, “Yes, I want to start my abundant revolution!” Click the button below and let’s start the conversation. Your coaching begins with a free 30 minute consultation.

Standing up for your dharmic purpose is YOUR rebellion– it’s OUR revolution.


A Soulful Biz Lab

I’ve created a special community just for us soulful biz explores– beginners and experienced biz peeps! This community is private, designed for connecting like-minds and filled with like-minded souls, live events, workshops & more!

Live Simple Lab

The Nomadic Crystal Lab is part of the Live Simple Lab community– a community of seekers looking to create a simpler life. We explore a multitude of passions– soulful business, reiki, yoga, minimalism, tiny/intentional living, organic living and more! Please join us and help us grow this emerging community! 

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The desert is calling & we must go! I spend a fair amount of time out West, wandering the deserts and the mountains searching for crystals, stories & peace. And when we’re not wandering, we’re at home by the ocean.

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